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writers block

Writer's Block: All Broken Up

Posted on 2009.05.31 at 09:34
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Have you ever had a bad break-up with a significant other? How did you handle it?
There are good break-ups? LOL Anyways I, like most people have had many a bad break-ups. The "cutest" and I use the word cute very loosely, was in high school. I was dating someone who was getting far too serious far too fast, I understood his reasoning for holding on so tightly, I was a lot of firsts for him, first girlfriend, first kiss, first girl he introduced to his mother ect. So anyways I'm the kinda girl to break up with someone in person thats what I'd want, so it's how I do things. So I asked him to come to the mall with me, his mother, sister and her mothers boyfriend came with us, and took us out, turned out his mother was gtting married and wanted me to come to the wedding >.< that stopped me from breaking up with him there, I found it rude to break up with him infront of his family like that. Anyways we all ended up going to Canadian Idol together, and by this time I couldn't take the seriousness of this relationship. So I took him aside and proceed to break-up with him. I did this while we were wondering downtown toronto, at which point in time he broke down crying. I felt so guilty. and I know I'm weird to find that cute, but I find it cute how much he loved me that he full out cried in the middle of downtown toronto!

Now I do wish all my break-ups were only that kinda bad, but saddly there are other types of bad break ups, the kinds that leave holes in your walls or put you into a protection shelter like women in crisis... both of which are break-ups I've had. The hardest break up was going to the women in crisis shelter, but it was for the better, and it was nice to remember what it felt like to feel safe again. The worse break-up was when I was back in a relationship where I felt neglected and feared going "home". So having gained wisdom, if one can call that wisdom, from past not-so-nice relationships, I decided to have an escort taking me home to in worse case senario take my daughter out of the apartment to protect her. So I had already "attempted" to breka up with said boyfriend in the morning, then I went out for the day, leaving him in my apartment cause he wanted to talk later and I said fine. When I went home my escort was a guy (85% of my friends happen to be male), and my ex-boyfriend snapped because I rfused to kiss him and tried to explain if he wants another chance so bad he can start from the beginning all over again. So he assumes my escort is my new boyrfiend >.< He proceeded to grab the aluminium baseball bat and went to attack my friend. I ver sternly (and stupidly) stood between him and the hallway (leading to my friend who escorted me home) and warned him if he so much as raised the bat to my friend I would call the police. so he threw the bat >.< He then preceeded to yell at my friend telling him that he'll never fully know what I had just done for him. during all fo this my daughter was in her room playing with her toys, where I had put her when I got home knowing my exboyfriends temper.  We were all now in my bedroom where my ex proceeded to degrade me, throw things at me and yell at me to sucha  degree that I was standing int he corner shaking and crying and scared seeing all the items he was wiping around were thrown in my general direction. He also decided to punch a hole in the wall under the claim I broke his heart. That was by far one of the most negitively dramatic break-ups I ever had.

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