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Ponderings of the young japan obsessed adult

Posted on 2009.06.02 at 22:50
Current Location: my parents living room
Current Mood: crushedcrushed
Current Music: guitar hero

So I am at my parents place, which is about a 30 mion drive from mine. Why am I way out here in the country *shivers* well because I needed to print some stuff for fathers day gifts for my husband and my daddy. So I organized an album and now just neeed to get the wonderful frames. So I'm on the computer randomly searching the internet for a new hair style without loosing length to cover up the pictures I was going through whenever one of the males went through the living room area. So I pull up this adorable japanese girl, probably close to my age and she looks gorgeous, sophisicated yet cute, kinda like a hime lolita haircut a little too "girly" for aristrocrat loli though. but I adored it. This is the haircut

I showed the haircut to my mother whining that I know I'll be disappointed when I get it and I'm not as pretty and how I love asian's eyes and their facial structor is more elegant and lovely then our north american structor. And of course my mother rolls her eyes and complains that all the asian girls want to look like me and I want to look like them. She also told me I can't do that to my hair until she takes me to work to show everyone how she wants her hair to look... which is flat and boring may I add. But we got to discussion the fact that I was abdocted as a child. The discussion quickly turned to changlings (when the feary folk trade a mystical child for a human one and take the human home leaving the other child with the human parents) So we decide the feary folk magically traded me with an asian just leaving our bodys and my mother is laughing about how somewhere in japan there is a 22 year old girl who's mother is going "why do you want big eyes like the american girls?!"
I still totally think the eye set of the japanese girls is enchanting, their eyes are so totally a perfect size and so smooth, unlike ours, I think thats what I like best the way their eyes are set into their face so they are very smooth. But ya thats my I want to be a japanese girl rant for today now I'm off to bed.

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