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writers block

Writer's Block: Grimm Question

Posted on 2009.06.04 at 11:23
What was your favorite fairy tale as a child?
My favorite fairytale from a book was Snow white and Red rose. For those of you who don't know this story, An old widow had two daughters about age 12,   She named them after her rose gardens for their beauty was as lovely as her roses. She named one Snow White, and the other Rose Red. They were very polite and strong girls, who lived in a cottage outside of town. One particularly harsh winter they hear a knock on the door, the widow says to the children "hurry rose red, and open the door that must be a lost traveller caught in the snow storm." Rose Red and Snow White opened the door and gasped there was a bear.

now I can't remember if the bear could talk or not

but the bear stayed with the family every night that winter and the girls became good friends with it. They were scared at first but their mother taught them not to be judge mental.

In the summer the bear disappeared and the girls met a gnome, 3 times, every time he was in trouble. the first time his beard was caught in a fallen tree, the second time his beard was caught in his fishing line, and the third time a hawk was trying to eat him. each time the girls saved the gnome, usually by cutting his beard, he was a very mean and ungrateful gnome though. one day they were out in a meadow, and they saw the gnome counting jewels, he ran off and they heard a scream. this scared the girls. Soon a prince came out of the forest and greeted them by name. He told them he was the bear who had spent the winter with them. Snow white looked into the bears eyes and knew it was true. the prince had a brother and the two brothers married the girls and they lived happily ever after.

I think what I liked most was the sister factor and the pictures were of a blonde and a brunnette I use to think the story was of my sister and myself. ^_^ the things we think and do as children.

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