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writers block

Writer's Block: Multilingual

Posted on 2009.05.30 at 19:54
Current Location: the living room (oh woe is me, how I miss my laptop)
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How many languages do you speak?
Well I don't speak many langues myself, not fluently. I took Spanish in night school, french in regular school (but I never actually learned french... hahahaha). I could speak spanish rather well for a while but being away from my spanish family for so long I've well since forgotten most of it. I speak minor MINOR chinese, because my daughter watches Kai-Lan, I am definately considering getting a "chinese for dummies" book cause I like the idea of teach my daughter chinese, specially considering our lifestyle. We also speak broken Japanese in my house, my daughter has picked up bits and pieces from me and my husbands japanese "arguments" and "discussions" as well as from anime (she watches a lot of japanese anime due to lack of cable within my house). Obviously our native tongue is English (we are from Canda). There was a time once LONG a go (back in highschool) when I could speak albet ... ya I'm a gamer ... ^_^ and I use to write in albet for passing notes in highschool, I also took my notes down in "druid runes" that was a fun time. Oh and when I was in elementry school (get ready to laugh) I use to speak and write in furbish (was that what furbie talk was called, I think so). Hahahaha this was a rather fun thing to write about. But ya in my house we focus on teaching our daughter chinese, japanese and of course english.


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