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Anime North

Posted on 2009.05.28 at 14:18
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
So I went to AN last weekend, it was pretty epic. I felt bad for leaving my daughter at home cause of the amount of other young toddlers there. But alas she still has some very important work to do on holding my hand. I did however meet my Idol, Svetlana!!! For those of you who don't know svet made Dramacon for Tokyo pop, and is currently making Nighschool for the yen plus anthology and vol. 1 of it's graphic novel was recently released (april 21 2009) by Yen Press. She also self published Nightsilver and Chasing Rainbows, which she promised me to eventually realese as a graphic novel series. Svet I will completely hold you to that!!!!!! Anyways over all had a blast, ran into a friend from the year before, spent the weekend with him mostly. Got kitty ears, won a manga. Got my chibi-usa (my daughter) a ball with stars on it, a mask of a pink haired anime girl (which she calls her mini moon mask), and some anime for her called magical mew mew taruto. Didn't buy a lot this year (maybe cause of the stupid recession) Next year I'm getting a table and selling a lot of fan art, as well as an issue 1 of an original series. Coming soon are pictuers of my chibi-usa wearing my kitty ears and a kitty "cow" bell.

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